Alarm Clock Songs

For years I woke up at 6am - I was a paper-boy and babysat before school too - to the sound of beeping and buzzing. Then clever phones were invented letting you choose songs to wake you up. Some people ended up hating their favourite songs, but mornings have always generally been pain-free for me so I never developed negative associations for my alarm songs, hooray.

Here are some of my past morning alarms; [YouTube Playlist]

  • "Oh, What A Beautiful Morning" - Ray Charles
  • "C Jam Blues" - Oscar Peterson
  • "Faltando um Pedaço" - Djavan
  • "My Caravan" - Mark Lockheart (not on YouTube)
  • "Jurassic Park" - John Williams
  • "Lambada de Serpente" - Aaron Goldberg (album version not on YouTube)
  • "Toputika neshungu" - Mbira Dze Nharira
  • "Stoner Hill" - Brian Blade
  • "Parisian Thoroughfare" - Clifford Brown/Max Roach
  • "Chiraa-Khoor" - Huun Huur Tu
  • "Gal" - Shai Maestro Trio
  • "Aguas de Março" - Elis Regina & Tom Jobim

I hope you have found this bulletin interesting and informative. What have you used as alarm songs?