hi there / blog 1.0

well hey there world. i don't really expect anyone to be reading this but i'm starting a blog anyway.

i just wanted to have a place online where i can make a note of things i'm inspired by and things i'm working on. i hope that in a while look back at it and be like "thank goodness, i have actually achieved something!", so often it feels like i'm putting a lot of effort into my music without making anything of significance. well, let's see...

for now, here's the basic facts about me;

  • i'm a drummer.
  • i write music too.
  • i'm 25.
  • i live in London.
  • the wisest men i know are my Dad and my Brother.
  • my favourite things in life are fresh air and soft water.
  • my fiancée and i like to travel
  • i get obsessed by things.
  • i have deep admiration for lots of musicians my own age.
  • i have a few secret projects on the go.
  • my mum deserves a mention, she is an absolute rock and an inspiration.
  • i don't drive (yet). this is what i look like getting to my gigs...